Feel Free To Share

I know, I know. It seems pretentious to put a copyright symbol on my photos.

Still, we live in the era of internet theft, so I try to protect my work.

If you’re individual who needs a new Facebook cover shot, cell phone background, or art for a personal blog post, please feel free to use my photos. I am indeed honored that you like my work. All I ask is that you include a credit line, such as “Photo courtesy of Stephen Wissink.”

But – and this is important – if you want to use my work as a means to make money, please contact me first. Such enterprises include advertising, promotional flyers, commercial blogs, and so forth. You get the idea. Trust me, my rates are reasonable and it will save our lawyers a lot of yelling at each other.

If you’d like to purchase a print for your own use – or as a gift – please let me know. Again, I know the limitations of my work and my fees are low enough to reflect that knowledge.

The best way to contact me is by email, sewissink@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting “Marginalia” and for your consideration.