Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge


For me, this week’s Photo Challenge from the editors at WordPress is downright daunting, so much so that I almost didn’t participate once I read the details.

At first, the theme, “Bridge,” seemed easy enough. Pittsburgh has 446 bridges – more than Venice, Italy – and I’ve taken lots of photos of them.

Then I read the editor’s instructions. Whenever possible, the photos should go beyond steel and suspension wires. “Go deeper and take a snapshot of something or someone that acts as a bridge in your life: a link, a connection, a mediator,” the instructions state. “They … should convey the figurative bridges that connect us as human beings sharing space on the planet.”

In actuality, I’m not great at the esoteric. Show me an actual bridge and I will snap away, confident in my ability to find something interesting to showcase. Ask me to dig deeper, however, and my confidence implodes faster than an aging structure brought  down by dynamite.

Nonetheless, it’s called a “challenge” for a reason. So, with a request for your indulgence, here are a few snaps on the theme of “Bridge.”

Fine Pix 255-01
Fishing on the pier is a great way to spend time with friends – and strangers who likely will become friends.
A lake is a great place for people to hang out together  and meet others.
Going to a tourist attraction, like Niagara Falls, is another way to share a wonderful day.
Friends getting ready for a wedding – in this case my daughter Erin (left) and her maid of honor Jen (right).
Dining out – America’s favorite pastime.
A family fishes together at sunset.
Actual bridges!

All photos copyright Stephen Wissink. All rights reserved.









WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge

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