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2012-11-30_15-54-31_790I love things that begin with the letter B.

Beaches, Baseball and Buffoon-Bashing. I definitely love my Beautiful lady Andrea Wilson, and my Brainy daughter, Erin, who has a Ph.D. in the biosciences.

I’m a reformed Marlins fan. I hate their cheapskate owner who wasted millions of taxpayer dollars building a stadium that has two aquariums behind home plate. While beautiful, the fish are traumatized by foul balls.

Now I’m passionate for the Pittsburgh Pirates. They too are a low-budget outfit, but the owners spend enough on payroll for the team to contend for the playoffs. The intimate ballpark offers a stunning view of downtown and, to the pleasure of PETA, no fish require psychiatric care after the game.

By the way, Andrea lives in Pittsburgh which is how I fell in love with the Pirates. How she and I met – and what our future holds –  is an intriguing story of online romance, but I’ll save that for another day.

The Essence of Andrea

The Essence of Andrea

Some background about me.

I grew up in the cold and dreary factory town of Battle Creek, where tuning in to the Detroit Tigers on the radio helped me endure a city where “Snap, Crackle, Pop” passed for interesting conversation. In my ‘20s, I escaped to the glitz and glamour of Fort Lauderdale, fell in love with the ocean, watched drug dealers kill each other, and was smugly amused when a crusading “moral-and-righteous”  vice mayor was video-taped enjoying the dalliances of a prostitute.

In the late ‘90s, I followed Erin and her mom to the real South and now live in  Raleigh, North Carolina. They fled the big city for suburban safety after being robbed at gunpoint in their home near Miami. For me, gun violence is personal.

Four years ago, I moved to Pittsburgh to be with Andrea. I love it here. It vibrates as only a real city with a real history can, with sports, museums, restaurants, entertainment, a world-class symphony and off-the-beaten-path events like NPRs spoken work program, “The Moth.” I told a story on stage once there, an offbeat tale of love gone wrong.

For a quarter century, I was a hard-edged reporter and editor at three daily papers, two alternative weeklies and two regional magazines. I loved comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.

Erin, the mad scientist

Erin – Studies Both DNA & RNA

At heart, I am still a journalist with a critical eye, but due to economic circumstances now find myself doing other things to earn a buck.

I’m a passionate liberal who’s often disappointed by Obama’s compromises and disgusted with gun freaks, homophobes, sexist jerks, and xenophobes. I really question the compassion of those who would rather spend money destroying a foreign country than providing food, housing and medical care for our own neighbors, particularly children.

Not everything with me is political, although you’d never know it from my Facebook rants. I read mystery novels, seek out photos of cool places I want to visit with Andrea, and watch the occasional movie. I laugh at Sheldon and Penny on the Big Bang Theory and listen to an eclectic playlist that includes Sara McLachlan, Eminem, Etta James, Carlos Santana, Buckwheat Zydeco, Yo Yo Ma, and Snow Patrol.

A while back I decided to write this blog, gave up on it for a while because I didn’t have much to say. Now, I like to to take photos and find this a great forum to share them.

I call it “Marginalia” because that’s the term used by theater critics for the notes they make on the margins of their programs. I’m attempting to do the same about the things I see, hear and experience first-hand. Hopefully my observations will prompt you to muse upon life – and how you can change it to be more satisfying for yourself and those you encounter.

One final note.

When Erin wins the Nobel Peace Prize in biochemistry, you can say you knew her father – and can state for a fact she got her brains from her mother.

Feel free to leave a comment, but please know the difference between they’re, their and there.  Same goes for too, two and to. Yes, I have a built in barrier against the incorrect use of language despite my own grammatical miscues.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

– Steve

If you’d like to contact me, please leave dash an email to sewissink@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Nice job with this, Steve. I didn’t know you were such a baseball fan. Glad to see someone is looking out for the distressed fish at Marlins Park, as well as the distressed people of the world.

    “I really question the compassion of those who would rather spend money destroying a foreign country than providing food, housing and medical care for our own neighbors, particularly children.” That is dead on, my friend.. DEAD on! Lord knows, life is tough enough.. for ALL of us. We don’t need to be waging unnecessary wars on anybody – killing mothers, fathers, and children – for “economic” reasons, i.e. Iraq.

    Keep it up, buddy!

  2. Thanks first off for stopping by my blog – notthebestoftimes. I continue to be amazed that anyone finds my blog let alone takes the time to linger for a moment. I’ve taken a quick spin through a number of your posts and see that you seem to see some of the same world I do and I appreciate the common sense view you seem to have. Not enough of that around at the moment.
    Best of luck with all the upcoming changes you have ahead!

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