The Creepy Photog At Walmart

The hunt was on.

Armed only with a blind email address, I wanted to track down the middle-age creep who approached a friend of mine from the coffee shop while she shopped at Walmart. He asked if she wanted to make a few bucks posing for pictures on adult-oriented web sites.

She didn’t.

As you can imagine, she was unnerved, scared and freaked out. No one goes shopping and expects to be approached by a greasy-haired guy in sweat pants to pose for online sites that cater to whack jobs. Screenshot_2013-02-14-19-46-57_0But he handed her his business card and when she recounted her story, she passed the info on to me.

The encounter only lasted a few seconds and the pervy photog was low key before he moved on to scout for other prey. He had to be subtle. The head of security at Walmart later told me they’d already banned him from the store but he still sneaks in, hidden among the crowd.

His card had little information, just an email address, “” No phone number was listed, just a photo of a camera and the phrases “Voluptuous Modeling,” “Sexy Has No Size!!!,” and “You Have Been Scouted.”

“Don’t delay,” the card said, “email us today!”

So I did, but I didn’t want to tip my hand just yet. I didn’t think he’d respond to a pissed off guy offended by his behavior.

Step One: Create a fake hotmail account using a woman’s name.

Step Two: Send an email saying he’d given a card to a friend of mine at Walmart. She wasn’t interested, but I may be.

Step Three: Wait.

In less than an hour, the pervy dude wrote back and was nice enough to give me his name, Bernard Friend, his personal email address, his phone number, and an invite to call anytime between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Before I did, I decided to do a little checking around. His email included the names of some websites he worked with. I sent them emails asking if they’d ever heard of Bernie.

One confirmed he was an independent contractor whose work they used on occasion. Their site featured women in sheer lingerie on the front page. Another said he was a talent scout; if he found a woman suitable for their site, they would fly her down to Florida for a photo session and give Bernie a finder’s fee. That site had topless models and section labeled “Fetishes.”

Another helps models set up their own web sites in exchange for 45 percent of any cash it may generate from online voyeurs with more green than gray matter. Bernie takes another cut for making introductions and taking the pictures.

Now that I had some info, I decided to give him a call.

Question: “What right do you have walking up to strangers at Walmart and asking them to pose for porn?”

He got defensive: “That’s not pornography,” he insisted. “Pornography is people defecating, or animals, or midgets, or children.”

“That’s not the point,” I replied. “What right do you have stalking people at Walmart in the first place? You creeped out my friend.”

“I’m not a stalker. I’m polite,” he replied. “She could have said ‘No thank you’ and handed me back my card.”

“I don’t care how polite you are,” I pressed on. “It’s one thing to advertise on Craigslist, it’s another to walk up to women out of the blue and scare them at Walmart.”

“I go to several Walmarts. I get approached by girl scouts all the time trying to sell me cookies,” he replied. “Is that harassment? No. If I don’t want any, I say ‘No thank you’ and move on. Your friend could have done the same.”

We went back and forth for several minutes, but Bernie never did get the point. Not that I expected him to. I’ll confess my real goal was to verbally bitch slap him a few times.

As a final step, I called the head of security at the store. She told me Bernie sounded familiar and that he’d been banned from the store before.

“We are in a Catch-22,” she said. “We don’t want him in the store and have banned him because we don’t allow soliciting. But since there was no physical harm, we can’t call the police.”

She did, however, pull the security tapes of Bernie in action. She made prints and handed them out to the managers with orders to kick him off the property if he shows up again.

Guess what Bernie?

This time you’re on camera.

And no one is smiling.


16 thoughts on “The Creepy Photog At Walmart

  1. What was the location of the wal mart? My wife just got solicited by this guy today and I found your blog by googling his email address. I contacted the store and they took down my name and phone number but didn’t really seem interested in doing anything.

  2. I received this guy’s business card today at the OfficeMax in Knightdale. I googled the email address and found your blog. I love his “she could have handed it back to me and walked away.” This guy literally came up to me, said excuse me, put a card in my hand, and disappeared in the blink of an eye. If I didn’t have the card in my hand, I would’ve thought I had imagined it. Creepy McCreeperson.

  3. OMG! Thanks so much for posting this. I got a card from this man yesterday at the same Walmart, off of capital across from the triangle town center. He handed me the card and said something about modeling. I thought he said something about foot modeling, but I couldn’t understand him because he was talking so low. He looked creepy and like he could have been a rapist on criminal minds, csi, or law and order.

    He asked me if I ever thought about modeling. Then he was like email him and tell him I met him at Walmart earlier. You are right, there was no time to say no thanks and give him the card back. He walked away and I turned around to look at him (while I walked away) and he was staring back at me. Totally creepy. So I decided to look up the email too.

    It may just be me and I may watch too much tv, but I would never. I’m sorry, but I need a name, the business name, and the office building location/address. If you are a talent scout, I need your resume, with a list of websites, phone numbers and names of who I can contact to make sure you are legit. No some bogus business card with no name on it. I feel like this man might be on the sexual offenders website somewhere.

  4. I’m glad I found this. He “scouted” me at the Brier Creek Walmart and I politely declined him via email that I don’t do “that type” of modeling. He replied back wanting to know if I was “big butted” or “big busted” so he would know what he was missing out on. Ugh.

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  6. ran into the bum today at the brier creek walmart he was quite lengthly went on to
    tell I looked exotic and i was curvy and I could make at least 3000 a job THENNNN we went across the street and he tried to give us his card again but this time I noticed him holding something that looked like a camera .. I almost cursed him out he is creepy and needs serious help.

  7. Ran into him at Barnes and Noble in Cary. Super creepy, saw another girl with his card and discussed it with her. Turns out she was only 17! He needs to be locked up.

  8. He scouted me yesterday at Cary Towne Center mall. My sister and I laughed about it. I told her I wanted to look up the email address online and knew this wasn’t real. We were discussing how sick the world is with guys like this. Be careful ladies. If you want to model go to a real modeling agency.

  9. Thank you so much for this post! This guy approached me yesterday at Cary Towne Center after he had apparently chased me through the mall because he was out of breath and said something like “Finally!” He was polite in all of his short, pale, unassuming demeanor, but my “hackles” still went up. I had a hunch the guy wasn’t legit because his card contains no website and the primary selling point is how much money I could make, not how I could start a career in modeling. Kudos to you for helping us ladies discern the truth.

  10. Omg! This guy “scouted” me back in 2011 with a different card, it was “”. I wrote a blog about him on facebook in the notes section! He approached one of my friends yesterday and I knew it had to be the same guy!

  11. I was approached today 10/28/2014 at the Target in Garner. He told me that I was pretty and he rushed off yelling “sexy has no size”. I instantly knew something was fishy because the of the email address and the guy just looked like a sleeze. It was very awkward.

  12. Hahahah thank you for posting this! The guy is apparently still going at it 4 years later. He approached me at Ulta in Chapel Hill today and just handed me his black card, said “Very pretty, Im a photographer” and walked away. Also definitely before I had time to hand the card back.

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